28JUL20 - New Visitor Pre-Screening Requirements

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation with the objective of providing the safest work environment possible for all. As you are aware, one tenant of the basic precautions is limiting potential exposure by restricting interactions with others as much as possible and practical. Our first and currently best approach to this is to restrict, to the greatest degree possible, all un-necessary accesses to our facilities.

As this global situation continues, there are times when this restriction is simply not possible from the perspective of business criticality. When alternative approaches are not possible and the matter is one considered to be business critical Pursuit will consider authorizing such. Accordingly, Malibu Boats, Inc. has implemented new visit authorization and pre-screening requirements for all persons pre-authorized as visitors to all facilities including those of Pursuit Boats.

The following is a link to the form (MALIBU OPS5263) and instructions for use to apply for access authorization.

Walk ins, cold calls, general sales calls or other visits not considered to be business critical will not be authorized. Please contact your appropriate supply chain contact with questions or for more details.

View Visitor Screening Survey Form